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PEBLO Cluster of 2 Person, Contemporary U Shape Cubicle Office Desk Workstation with Filing and Wardrobe

Item #: 8198245
Regular Price:   $32,283.60 Your Price: $7,990.00
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Product Description

Product Overall Information:

Going from simple to complex, PEBLO offers a complete range of office furniture accomplishments. From starter work stations to floor-to-ceiling private offices, Trife does it with simplicity and cost-effectiveness. Yet, a full palette of fabric and finish options and a broad product vocabulary allow you to address virtually any office area.

The basic material of PEBLO panel is steel, but various other materials including fabric, glass, white board and laminate are used. Funtional tile segments are available either painted, fabric wrapped, embossed, punched for air-flor, or in wood grain. Attachable/detachable tiles are easily installed onto the stee frame structure. Various panel frame sizes provide the flexibility to create different looks and easily and quickly installed. The rectangular or radius top cap/end cap trim affords two distinctively attractive design options, with no special tool required.


  • Non-electried or Electrified
  • Overhead closed and open filing
  • Keyboard trays and center drawers
  • Tackboard / task lighting
  • Custom design / layout available
  • Large selection of laminate and fabric colors to select from
  • Made in the USA
  • Lifetime limited warranty
Product Size: Multiple Sizes. Illustrated: 96" x 96"