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COX Contemporary Bedroom Dresser

Item #: 6061783
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Product Description

Product Overall Information:

The COX Modern Bedroom includes the bed with attached nightstands, Dresser and Mirror. Its multi-versatile white leather headboard can be lifted for a comfortable back to sit against or can be dropped down for a slightly different look. The bed's wood frame is both durable and beautiful. The attached nightstands include one drawer and a blue hallogen light for a truly unique look.

The 3 drawers dresser with attached full length mirror blends together beauty and elegance. Its handleless design keeps this dresser modern with its smooth face. The top of the dresser slides open for the hidden storage of valuables, jewelery and more. The full length mirror can be installed on the right or left side of the dresser.

Product Size: 71"W x 18"D x 70"H